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Enormous thanks to the lovely and generous Dr Cristina Massaccesi, who provided the translation. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by leewelchwriter. Attached the P50 for your reference…. Chaiwan of course stands for Taiwan and the map in question is a satirical depiction of the World According to Americans. I had completely forgotten about this particular label. After making more than a hundred stereotype maps, keeping track with every joke is becoming progressively difficult. But now that the Chinese censors kindly reminded me of it, I quickly recalled how ambivalent I felt at the time I wrote it.

Would people get it? And if they got it, would they laugh? Some jokes seem witty at first but fade away with time.

The journey begins

Another thing I remembered was that few years ago I found a translation of my map in Chinese. I rushed to check if the label was there. It was missing. Which makes it even funnier for others. I hope not. You just cannot make fun of it separately. Interested in stereotypes? Continue reading:.

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