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Explain that there are four main directions a person can go: north, east, south and west. Show how you have labeled these directions on the walls. Ask the students to stand up. Ask them to point forward; this is north. Then, ask them to point to the right; this is east. If they point behind them, this is south. If they point to the left, this is west. Repeat this for a while and then play a version of Simon Says where you tell them to point in a variety of directions and see how many get it right.

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Play a song about the cardinal directions. Some children learn better when they have a song or a rhyme to help them memorize information like this. Play a cardinal direction scavenger hunt game.

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Ask one student to go in the hallway, and hide a small toy in your room. The other students must direct the student from the hallway to find the hidden toy, telling him only which cardinal direction to go. Play this a few times, letting other children have a turn giving and receiving directions.

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College Admissions. An instruction to continue on a freeway or expressway in North America should pair the route number ref with a cardinal direction, where available. At many freeway junctions, especially cloverleaf interchanges , there are separate exits leading to opposite directions on the same road.

Guide signage and reassurance markers usually display the cardinal direction above or below the route shield to help the driver distinguish between e. OpenStreetMap currently encodes cardinal directions in two ways:.

This issue tracks getting cardinal directions into continue instructions via route relations. See this wiki page for more details on cardinal direction tagging in OSM.

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This situation is relatively rare in the U. For the second case that requires relation support, it would be tricky to use way ref s for the route numbers in conjunction with relation role s or direction tags for the cardinal directions, since the former is intended to be human-readable while the latter is intended to be machine readable. Wrong-way concurrencies are fairly common in the U.

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Below are statistics for most of the states, just counting relation roles and not direction tags:. Of the comments here, comment is worth bookmarking for future reference. Ignore Learn more.

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