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You get to meet a TON of new people! You now have fifty new friends that night that you can dance with! The concept is brilliant. Everyone wins!! So with me, expect a full Eight Hours per day of learning and fun!!! By the end of the day, you will have MORE positive energy than when you walked in! Because I have a unique way of using the positive energy field of the group, raising it higher and higher as the day progresses! Remember there will be all types of people there, and respectable comfortable clothing is highly recommended.

Comfortable sweats, jeans, and comfortable sneakers, dance sneakers, or something you can turn and spin with on a wooden dance floor.

Sweats are great. Remember there will be all types of people there, and respectable clothing is highly recommended. Due to body and limb stretching, floor work, and certain leg movements, please dress in comfortable, relatively stretchable slacks or sweats in the morning.

Ladies Style & Colour Parties - Potential U Style & Image consultancy

Dance sneakers or slick-bottom shoes. We will change to Salsa-gear in the afternoon — depends on the Bootcamp.

Please wear dance shoes, or dance sneakers. No shorts or light colored tights please. Ladies pay for the full day. What to Bring … Snacks, munchies, water. At some Bootcamps we will provide breakfast and lunch, but bring some goodies just in case. If you bring a partner, or significant other, all of us will be switching partners about once every minute, so you will get a chance to dance and practice together often but also with the rest of the group! You will have eight hours to meet everyone and at the end of the day, you will have a TON of new friends to meet to go to all the nightclubs later on!

Groupon Guide

Meet all types of people! No partner necessary! Edie creates a new Bootcamp every time!! Depending on the country, the schedule may start later, or earlier, however here is generally what happens each hour…. Introduction, learning the basics. Hour Two Continuation of the basics, with music and its structure. Hour Six Patterns, combinations, figures reviewed and enhanced.

Just in case the Bootcamp is over six hours…. Hour Eight Putting it all together, practical advice, how to ask the opposite sex to dance without being rejected — EVER, practicing asking, dance practice with your peers, review, and a few bonus moves for the over-achievers…. Group Field Trip to local nightclub that night!! You will have all your Bootcamp Buddies now to practice with! Grrrrreat way to meet new people!

List of dance style categories

Advanced dancers who need to get back to basics due to various complaints from the opposite sex. Learn how to lead comfortably, without hurting her. Learn how to follow his lead without being a burden to him. We understand that patience is a virtue, and will make SURE you get it.

Emeline Rochefeuille Solo Swing - Lady Styling Workshop - Aix

Click here to access the Black Belt Salsa Syllabus. Ladies Styling and Spins Bootcamps! Depending on the Country, Edie will have the girls wear comfortable clothing the mornings to stretch and practice spins and basic styling fundamentals.

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Black stretchable Pants — no dresses today! Please bring high heels to wear with your pants for the afternoon session. Gentlemen are normally free this day because we will need good leads to lead us during the practice sessions. Edie always teaches herLadies Styling Bootcamps with guys helping us with partner work.

I will show you step-by-step, slowly but surely, how I do what I do!! Classic fundamentals, world-class techniques, solid easy-to-remember moves. Styling with your partner:. This method teaches us how to be light on our feet, and be rid of the heaviness and sluggishness most men complain about. Brief summary of High Speed Spins and Turns. Mastering spins. Spot turns, pencil turns, chenet turns, and pivots. Touch and Go hand techniques, acute spotting, and split second hand awareness techniques. Mastering your partnering spins. How to Style your Spins — Men and Women!

Head bangers, footwork, Freedom Concept moves, with and without a partner. Fancy footwork, fancy arm work, playing with the music, letting loose, feeling the rhythm, confidence-building time. Sneaking in Copa and Cross Body Lead styling — without ever interrupting his lead. Sensual and exciting Freedom Concept moves. Kicks — when and when NOT to kick, arm sweeps, with and without a partner.

Head bangers, shoulder shimmies, and shoulder work. T-stance and Hijacking. We will practice these concepts with and without a partner. Ladies Styling Salsa Workshop!! Guys are Free! No Checks. Guys Are Free! Click pics below to get the DVDs!! Spings Best workshops we ever had! Manchester, England She is simply fantastic and a psychologist on two agile feet too.

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